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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you report a Google Adsense policy violation?

Google AdSense is one of the most popular advertisements on solution. You can use these ad program to your website for earnings from your online contents.
Google AdSense is providing a custom color selection facilities. You can customize your banner colors which fit with your website.

Google is providing us a golden chance to earn money with zero investment. But this program has some policy, which we need to follow strictly. Details policy at AdSense program policies. We cannot forcefully change the styles of Google Ads as well as we can’t put this ads on any sex/porn sites.

If you’ve found any site which are violating the AdSense program policies, Please report to Google. You will need to fill up a Google AdSense DMCA complaint form giving details such as the offending website, the location of both the original and the stolen work and your personal contact data.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Rumor: Google Redirects AdSense to Hong Kong

Google has reportedly altered its AdSense search advertising code to funnel traffic to instead of, according to a number of website administrators.

According to these sources, Google sent AdSense users an e-mail yesterday announcing that older AdSense HTML code would no longer function as of August 4 and reminding users to install the latest code.

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Google pulls plug on Google Wave

Google are one of the biggest players on the internet and they have many huge projects under their belt including search engine, Google Adsense and Adwords, Analytics, Maps, Docs, Translate, Gmail, so it came as a major surprise when they decided to pull the plug on Google Wave. Google Wave was first mentioned in May 2009, and did not become available to consumers until May 19th 2010. However less than 3 months later on August 4th 2010, Google has decided to discontinue any work with Wave. Google Wave will still be functional until at least the end of 2010.

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Google Adsense payment process problem for YouTube Partners

If you regularly read this space, you know this video-blogger is a YouTube Partner. YouTube explains that it wants its partners to earn a living from the production of videos, like my commentary on Susan Boyle from April of 2009.
The debut of Susan Boyle resulted in this video-bloggers first 1 million-view-in-one- month video and translated into a nice check. Susan Boyle's success has been good for many of the 10,000 YouTube Partners. She had the most watched set of videos on YouTube last year.

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