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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fwd: How can mobile LBS survive in a “free” world?

Heike Roettgers is a freelance internet and mobile consultant, helping agencies and start-ups with product strategy and roadmap planning, product concepts, product management and project management.

How can a navigation and location company survive in a market where the largest players are offering their services for free? At the Navigation and Location Summit Europe in Berlin yesterday, Jim Nardulli, SVP Sales, NNG Global Services addressed the problem.

A recurring topic of at the conference was the topic of "free" – how can companies survive in a world, where players such as Google and Nokia start to offer their main products for free? According to Jim Nardulli, the strategy of these companies is to take what their service users (that would be us, folks) rely on for profit, and provide that free of charge. The market will then follow that service. Once you've accomplished that, you have their attention and can sell them something else. In the case of Nokia, it gives Ovi Maps away for free. And since Ovi Maps is an excellent navigation service, Nokia can use that to increase both their market share and the Average Selling Price of their handsets. In Google's case, they give everything away for free in order to create advertising opportunity, and the amount of revenue from AdSense.

Nardulli calls this a "Zero Million Dollar Business" - and compares it to the effect that steam had on the industrial revolution. Steam powered the engines and profits of the revolution - but the steam itself was completely free. In the same way, Google's AdSense will grow at the same pace as the web, and Nokia's Ovi Maps will grow at the same pace as its device market share.

The trend to offer "free" or "freemium" services does not only affect navigation – almost any LBS that grows to sufficient popularity will be targetted to be free. But how do you make money in this world, if you are not Google? Nardulli recommends that companies innovate in niches that are too small or too complex to fall under Google's strategy. To succeed, you need to specialise: find a service or content that is scarce, rather than abundant.

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Adding Google AdSense for Search to Your Website

f your add a Google search box to your site, you can generate revenue from the ads that appear on the subsequent search results pages. Michael Miller explains how Google's AdSense for Search program works and how you can make it work for your site.

Aside from the simple PPC ads provided by AdSense for Content, there's another way to generate ad revenue from your website. If your site is large enough that visitors could benefit from searching the site for the information they want, you can add a Google search box to your site and generate revenue from the ads that appear on the subsequent search results pages.

You do all this via Google's AdSense for Search program. And when you place a search box on your site, you not only generate ad revenue, you also improve the experience of your site's visitors. It's a win-win for everybody.
Understanding AdSense for Search

Google AdSense for Search is another way for you to generate ad revenue from your website. The AdSense for Search program is a subset of Google's AdSense for Content program that lets you insert a search box on your site, like the one in Figure 4.1. Depending on how you configure it, visitors can use this search box to either search your website or to search the entire web. The search results pages display typical AdSense PPC ads; you generate revenue when visitors click on these ads.

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3 Pointers for Profit Using Google Adsense

Google's Adsense is a fantastic program that may clear you to bring in lots of income from your site. But AdSense, akin to other programs of its ilk, has certain rules that you need to adhere to when you are creating sites. It is normal for people to make errors. On the other hand, there are instances in which these errors could lead to the complete banning from Google. You want to make every effort to skip doing any of the things I am about to tell you about. This will save you a lot of trouble. In this article we will be point out some AdSense mistakes that may cost you your account.

A new course is causing quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community and you can find more information about this on the 11 forgotten laws showcase.

Your account on AdSense is absolutely your own, so you ought to oversee it in every way you possibly can. Allowing another person to manage your account could be hazardous. This is just because when you relinquish your account access to a third party, you're also giving away control over the content of your site. There is also important

information about your business stored on your account that the person could take, as well as your income. So it always pays to manage your own account. As far as outsourcing goes, there are particular actions that can be delegated to others, such as landing pages, creating ads, and more.

No matter what, never form many accounts on different websites. If you are overseeing 10 sites that you would like to connect with AdSense, you only need to use one AdSense account. By possessing so many accounts, you may get banned on one of them or even suspended completely when AdSense learns of your extra profiles. You do have the option of forming channels for individual campaigns which will permit you to track each of them. They could examine the code that is on the new site and then will guarantee to display the ads that are relevant to it. You could still keep track of your clicks and remain out of trouble.

A new course is causing quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community and you can find more information about this on the 11 forgotten laws showcase.

When you're creating the content of your site, you need to make sure it's correctly optimized for the search engines. Having bad on-page optimization is a common AdSense mistake that affects your income. You want to have optimized your page so that it will be located and looked upon favorably by the search engine spiders, and you also have to make sure you have the best ads displayed. Just creating a website, slapping AdSense on it and hoping to make money won't do any good. You have to make certain that you have done everything that you can to ensure success, including doing a good job with SEO. One of the most prevalent sources of income in people that have found success with AdSense have been those that optimized correctly upfront, and then relaxed and put the sight on cruise control and were able to watch the money come rolling in. In conclusion, AdSense can work wonders for your online business and add a strong revenue stream to your site. But when you dive headfirst into it without doing your homework on keyword research, and without making thoughtful content, generating revenue becomes very difficult. Finally, bear in mind that there is a big correlation between search engine traffic and AdSense sites, so be sure to properly perform SEO on your site.

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How Your Marketing Strategy Could Be Destroyed By Google Adsense

It's vital to discover how to monetize your web site or blog as quickly as you create it to ensure that you can start generating revenue from your website or blog. There exist plenty of chances like running affiliate orders or selling banner space, though 1 of the most efficient techniques you could use to make cash would be through Google AdSense. Several individuals have discovered that AdSense is capable of providing enough income to replace their primary source of earnings, as it could be set on auto- pilot to provide in on the internet earnings. The road to making money is easy - merely be sure you produce visitors and clicks to your advertisements. However, more than time AdSense has become more complicated. Many fraudulent cases have been shown, together with numerous dishonorable customs. This created the guidelines much more stringent, which is why not following them can get you banned. If you would wish to prevent obtaining banned then there are some things which you ought to be carefull not to complete.

AdSense users are always advised to go for niches that are higher paying. Nevertheless, some don't stop to surmise there is a difference between a well paying niche and one that's overly competitive. Things like credit cards and life insurance remain as well competitive for you to get a foothold whne you are just getting started with Adsense. Should you did select to go into 1 of these niches, you may be competing against seasoned veterans in these fields that are already nicely established. You may desire to direct your effort to slightly much less heated niches which are more relaxed, but still provide great earnings possible. Following you've gleaned the required experience and learned the important factors for success, you are able to try a harder area. Whenever you desire to create your personal internet content for your profile, make certain to circumvent certain things. For example, you definitely don't wish to have content material that talks about anything that might send out the red flag to Search engines, for example tobacco, drugs or weapons. This really is due towards the truth that Google has policies established to decide what sites are allowed to obtain their advertisements placed on them. You have to become particular that you are going together with their TOS and err on the side of caution. If you choose to go into epic traffic system, you might be generating much more money through it.

Even keep in mind that when you're working with Search engines AdSense, the specialized niche you've chosen is extremely essential. Should you are interested in a specialized niche that tends to earn much less than others, you won't reap the complete advantages of your efforts. It's true that you need to select a niche you are truly interested in, but avoiding the study aspect of points is a poor choice. You really have to complete your research on that specialized niche to see if you will find any advertisers which are willing to pay handsomely for it. You will know should you select the incorrect specialized niche, due to the truth you won't have the ability to find advertisers for it. And if you go for such a niche, you will not see any great outcomes, which is why performing prior study is important. Finally, although utilizing Search engines AdSense, you have to prevent engaging in any unnecessary keyword use because it could have a negative impact on your account. Having the adequate placement and employing correct content focus on AdSense will supply a steady, sizable visitors level and earnings. This really is why engaging in any extra typing is redundant. If your content material is good stuff and you possess excellent keyword density, that is heading to get relevant ads on your site. As soon as the content material is adequately prepared, you need to ask yourself if it's pertinent or not. Is the content material completely interesting? And also you should have your answer. Avoid these pitfalls and you are going to obtain a successful operate utilizing Search engines AdSense. Your chopper tattoo scam is yours, and you must be happy when working with it.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Adsense indexing your bookmarks?

Most people understand how Google Adsense works. Google Adsense is a money-making program for website owners that allows them to place code on their websites that has been provided by Google in order to display adverts. When someone clicks on one of the adverts, Google and the website owner take a share of the money charged to the Advertiser, who has uploaded the ads via Google Adwords (also known as PPC).

Now – Google determines what adverts go where by indexing the content of the website in question, so that if your website is about dogs, you’ll see adverts relating to dogs. You might see ads for dog baskets, dog insurance and other related dog products, but what you shouldn’t see is ads for mountain bikes from Halfords.

That’s what I saw recently on a website that had nothing to do with mountain bikes. The odd placement of ads was dismissed as simply Google placing random adverts until it had enough time to index the website in question in order to place relevant ads, yet something seemed odd as I was actually thinking of buying a mountain bike at the time. Was it chance, or did Google know?

Have we entered some Minority Report situation where Google now knows what you’re thinking of buying, and offers you relevant adverts in order to complete the sale?

Suspicions were confirmed when reading about the semi finals for Britain’s Got Talent on the website where, once again, the same mountain bike adverts from Halfords appeared.

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Adsense Reveals Revenue Sharing Details

The Google Adsense Blog recently placed information regarding how much revenue it shares with the publishers for its contextual ads and search. Google Adsense shares 68 percent of revenue with the publishers for contextual ads while it shares 51 percent of revenue with publisher for revenue that is made through searches.

Adsense claims that Google takes a large portion of the earnings because it has to spend on research, and other costs involved in serving ads to the users. According to the article, the revenue sharing has never been changed since its introduction in 2003.

I think that Google keeps a big share of revenue to itself and even then there is no competing ad platform which can offer almost equivalent earnings to Google Adsense. I expect adsense to increase the publisher revenue since the initial costs to Google were higher with adsense but with an increasing publisher base, it should be expected that their revenue has increased a lot and the benefits should be passed on to the publisher.

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Increase Your Google Adsense CPM

In case you have been finding ways to increase your Google Adsense CPM and have not been successful then this tip might help you. Apart from position and texture of the advertisements, your earnings depend on what kind of content you have on your website and where the visitors are from.

Google Adsense bots are capable of reading your content and then providing with related advertisements to the visitor. In case you have user generated content being added on your website, you might notice that usually the content provided by your users like comments is of bit lower quality and they might use improper english.

This may affect the quality of advertisements that are shown on your website and to prevent such incidents from happening Adsense provides with a feature that allows you to define content of each page.

Users can use and on their website to help the adsense bot read your content and only show ads that are much relevant to your content. The tags need to be placed between the content you believe is related to the specific page. This can help increase your Click Through Rate on the website and hence your CPM.

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Google Reveals Revenue Shares For Its AdSense Network

Google on Tuesday unveiled the revenue shares for its AdSense products, revealing that AdSense for content publishers take home 68 percent of revenue, while AdSense for search participants earn 51 percent of earned revenue.

Google said it was sharing the information "in the spirit of greater transparency."

"AdSense for content publishers, who make up the vast majority of our AdSense publishers, earn a 68 percent revenue share worldwide," Neal Mohan, vice president of product management at Google, wrote in a blog post."This means we pay 68 percent of the revenue that we collect from advertisers for AdSense for content ads that appear on your sites. The remaining portion that we keep reflects Google's costs for our continued investment in AdSense — including the development of new technologies, products and features that help maximize the earnings you generate from these ads."

On the search front, publishers keep 51 percent. "As with AdSense for content, the proportion of revenue that we keep reflects our costs, including the significant expense, research and development involved in building and enhancing our core search and AdWords technologies," Mohan wrote.

The content revenue shares have remain unchanged since its 2003 launch. Search policies have been in place since 2005, when Google increased it.

The news comes several days after the Federal Trade Commission closed its investigation of Google's purchase of online advertising network AdMob.

The agency conceded that the Google-AdMob tie-up does raise "serious antitrust issues" on its own. But Apple's January purchase of the Quattro Wireless mobile ad network and the launch of its iAd network, as well as other companies' efforts to develop or acquire smartphone platforms to compete against the iPhone and Android operating systems will provide Google with a "strong incentive to facilitate competition among mobile advertising networks," the FTC said.

The FTC pledged to continue monitoring the mobile ad space to ensure that antitrust issues do not crop up.

Apple's iAd network, which the company introduced in April, keeps 40 percent of all ad revenue, leaving the remaining 60 percent to the developer.

Google declined to disclose the revenue sharing arrangements for its mobile applications, AdSense for feeds, and AdSense for gamers because "they're quickly evolving, and we're still learning about the costs associated with supporting them," Mohan wrote.

The evolving costs associated with all AdSense programs means that Google "can't guarantee that the revenue share will never change, but we don't have any plans to do so for any AdSense product," he said.

Earlier today, Google also released a study that assessed the company's economic impact in all 50 states. Overall, Google generated $54 billion of economic activity in 2009, the company said. For more details, Google has broken down that impact on a state-by-state basis at

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