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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Searching for more revenue? Optimise your AdSense for Search implementation!

We should love AdSense for Search (AFS). It combines our favourite Google products - AdSense and Search! Today, we want to tell you how you can optimise your AFS implementation:

Ensure users can see your search boxes! Try a site search box alongside a web search box, near your site navigation. Or place one box near your site navigation and one below your content.
Customize the look and feel of your search results pages to suit your site. Find out how!

How do I customize my AdSense for search results pages?

Keep users on your site for longer by displaying AdSense for Search results within a frame on your site. Find out how!

How do I implement AdSense for search results on my own page?

Add keywords to tailor the results and ads to your content. Find out how!

How does adding keywords affect AdSense for search?

Give it a try! Improve your AFS implementation, and see how you can improve your AdSense revenue. You can find answers to all your AFS questions here

FAQ on AdSense for search

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