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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two new optimizations guides: One Click Optimizer and Optimizing

Two new optimization guides: the One Click Optimizer and the Optimization Lab.

These guides have been designed to provide you quick and easy-to-implement optimization tips to help you maximize your site’s revenue and performance.

One Click Optimizer

Do you own a news site, a classifieds site, a game site, a forum, or a blog? This guide will give you best practices for ad location specifically for your type of website. Try it now to optimize the placement of your ad units, link units, and search boxes!

Optimization Lab

Would you like to get simple but effective tips to increase your clickthrough rate, boost your impressions or lift your cost per click? The Optimization Lab can help. Adsense optimization team has put together this guide to help you maximize your revenue as effectively as possible using our best practices.

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