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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What are updated new features of New AdSense interface ?

1. Google has changed the default metrics shown on the Home and Performance reports pages based on strong feedback that most of you prefer to view your earnings at the page level rather than by ad unit. As a result, they’ve switched back to page level metrics, and those of us who wish to see ad unit CTR and other ad unit level metrics can now do so under the Performance reports tab.

2. The Allow and block ads drop-down selector, which lets you see your blocking features by product, has been updated to call out the product name. This makes the interface a lot more clear for those of you using multiple products.

3. Ad unit impressions and queries have been renamed ‘Ad requests’ to better describe how this statistic is used for AdSense for content, AdSense for search, and other products. An ad request is recorded each time an ad unit on your site requests ads from Google's servers (for content ads) or a search query is made (for search ads). Google Adsense team have report an ad request each time a request was sent, even if no ads were returned and public service ads, backup ads, or no ads were displayed instead.

4. Based on feedback, Google Adsense team have updated the terms found under the Ad types section of your Performance reports to include text, image, rich media, animated image, and flash. Previously, rich media ads were referred to as HTML and animated image was called dynamic image.

5. For publishers using our AdSense for games and AdSense for video products, you can now create and edit channels and see reporting for these products. Learn more about AdSense for games and AdSense for video.

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